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Professional TRAINING

Its time to act now & fulfil your potential. Contact a coach today to find out more information on personal training packages. 


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Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Mental Health Awareness 

Level 2 ABA Boxing Coach Registered to England Boxing ( including DBS ) 


Qualified in suspension training

( TRX )




All types of personal training for all levels from novice to elite wether it’s general fitness, weight loss , maintaining, range & motion , core strength, conditioning plus much more.

Also Experienced Boxing coach for club level boxers or Boxing for general fitness is also catered for.

Professional, Friendly & reliable service that improves your mindset & physical  fitness.

For more information check out Petes socials @

Free consultation.

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Jon is a Qualified level 3 Personal trainer and fitness instructor, with over 13 years' experience in training and nutrition.

With a passion for self-development and helping others,  he decided to become a Personal trainer to help others improve their lives.

He has a background in physique competition, taking 3rd place in his first ever competition in 2016. Returning 2 years later to take a win and finish a runner up, with the NPA and UKDFBA respectively, earning 2 national finals invites.


Everybody is welcome with JGPT. Whether you are looking to build muscle, lose fat or improve your overall health and fitness, Jon will be happy to help you.

Send him a message via his Instagram page @jongosmanpt for enquires or, you can email

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I am a Personal Trainer who cares!

My goal is to help you find a happy balanced lifestyle, no quick fixes or fad diets! Just small manageable changes that will make a big difference to your life.


My sessions are fun and forever evolving, training and exercise doesn't have to be boring or monotonous, it can be exciting, challenging and rewarding.


Not only am I a Level 3 Personal Trainer, I also teach over 20 fitness classes a week. I am a Qualified Class Instructor in many different styles, some being Bodypump, kettlebells, pilates and combat to mention a few. This allows me to have access, knowledge and understanding to many different styles that others might not that can help aid you on your journey.


I believe everyone, no matter the level of fitness or age should be able to enjoy fitness. So aswell as my stated qualifications I also am level 3 Post and Prenatal qualified and Level 3 Older Adults qualified.  


If you are looking for a realistic life long change, with a fun motivating Trainer who can truly make a difference in your life.

Then I'm your girl!

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"I am Mel, owner of Permanent Aesthetic Solutions which is an aesthetics clinic specialising in body contouring. I have been in the fitness Industry about 20 years and been involved with numerous aspects of it. Starting out as a P.T from a home gym set up, then going into group exercise. From there I then had 2 children and had my own body transformation goals to focus on. I entered Miss Galaxy universe shortly after having my second child as a goal to get into good shape. I enrolled the help of some awesome top level coaches and learned a great deal from them. I continued to learn more from nutrition courses and networking with other professionals within the industry. I can say I have learned more from working with others than I have from any text book. Getting lean never came easily to me but I quickly learned the importance of a balanced mind and lifestyle and today still live by that mantra. My real passion is to help other females feel good about themselves whilst promoting a healthy balance of life. Being able to combine the treatments in my clinic along with my knowledge in the gym and kitchen has been a real game changer. There are still so many women lacking confidence within the gym and I love nothing more than changing that. I am very personable and will be your most encouraging guide in whatever your goal is."

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Hi, I’m Leyla. I’m a personal trainer and online coach working with people to achieve their fitness goals whether that be fat loss, muscle gain, improved strength, greater confidence, or increased fitness levels. Having been on my own fitness & transformational journey I’ve got first-hand knowledge, experience & results to assist people with achieving their own fitness goals.


With my online clients, I concentrate on helping them make realistic & sustainable lifestyle & mindset changes as well as focusing on nutrition & physical activity to achieve the best possible outcomes. With my holistic approach, there is no need for extreme, unsustainable & restrictive diets.  


With my personal training clients, I focus on writing exercise programmes tailored to their specific goals – taking away the guesswork.  My aim is to teach clients proper form for exercises so they’re able to train safely, avoid injury & get the most from each session. My sessions allow clients to train confidently & independently between our one-to-ones having learned the right way to perform each exercise.  My goal as a personal trainer is to motivate my clients so they adhere to their program & get their desired outcomes.


My clients can expect a friendly & professional service that will ensure they are challenged.  

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"Hi I am Sam & Ive been in the sport and fitness industry for the last 10 years.

From coaching Athletics, Basketball and Boxing to graduating from University with a degree in Physical and Sport Exercise plus gaining my Level 3 Personal Training Qualification. I know what it takes to help improve not only your general health and fitness but also for specific training targets."

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